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Bonner Institute Staff

Althia Muse, Director, Bonner Institute

Center for Community Engagement

Forcina 333 – (609) 771-2217

Headshot of Althia Muse.

Althia Muse (she/her) currently serves as the Director of the Bonner Institute at the Center for Community Engagement (CCE). Althia’s primary role in the Center is to oversee and provide direction for all aspects of the TCNJ Bonner Institute, including TCNJ Bonner Volunteers and TCNJ Bonner AmeriCorps Program. In addition, she has the opportunity to support the dynamic work of the CCE through the engagement with the local community. Althia earned Master of Arts and Master of Education in Psychological Counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Services at Northwestern University.

You should reach out to Althia if…
– You would like to learn more about the TCNJ Bonner Institute
– You would like learn how to partner with Bonner Scholars for volunteer opportunities
– You would like to discuss opportunities to become a community partner or facilitate workshops for students
– You would like to discuss ways to support work of the Center for Community Engagement

Althia has spent over 20 years working in the Trenton community, as an educator, counselor, and administrator in schools and social service agencies. She mentored several graduates of the TCNJ Counseling Program and served as a Bonner Community Partner prior to accepting a leadership role at the center. Althia is passionate about serving marginalized communities and is committed to the holistic development of the diverse populations she serves. In this position she aims to further the meaningful and substantive relationship that both Bonner Institute and TCNJ hold with surrounding community members and organizations.

Althia remains active on campus and is a member of the TCNJ CEL Council, an Associate Member of the TCNJ Staff Senate, TCNJ Women’s Professional Network, TCNJ Middle School Advisory Committee, Dual Enrollment Program and the Minority Executive Council.

Outside of her work at TCNJ, Althia enjoys residing in the capital city of Trenton. She dedicates most of her free time to spending time with family and friends and supporting her local church.

Katie Kahn, Program Manager, Bonner Institute

Center for Community Engagement

Forcina 335 – (609) 771-2684

Headshot of Katie Kahn.Katie (she/her) currently serves as the Bonner Scholars Program Manager in the Bonner Institute at the Center for Community Engagement. Katie’s primary role in the Center is supporting the curriculum and student development of the Bonner Community ScholarsProgram. Additionally, Katie supports the Environment and Food Security Division, and leads recruitment and application efforts for the program. Katie received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from TCNJ in 2015, and her Masters of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at TCNJ in 2023. Katie is also a proud graduate of the TCNJ Bonner Program.

You should reach out to me if…
– You would like to learn more about environmental sustainability and/or food security at TCNJ,
– You would like to collaborate on a learning or development opportunity for TCNJ Bonner Scholars,
– You have any questions about the recruitment, application, and interview process for the TCNJ Bonner Program.

Katie is passionate about environmental sustainability, the transformative power of community-based arts, and holistic wellness. Currently, Katie serves on the TCNJ Staff Senate, is the co-chair of The Committee on Student and Campus Community, and is a member of the TCNJ Hunger Task Force, the TCNJFT Communications Committee, the Environmental Sustainability Council and the TCNJ Women’s Professional Network.

In her spare time, Katie enjoys spending time in nature, creating music and art, and spending time with close friends and family.


Destiny De La Rosa, Coordinator, Bonner Institute

Center for Community Engagement

Forcina 334 – (609) 771-2362

Headshot of Destiny De La Rosa

Destiny De La Rosa (she/her/ella) currently serves as the Coordinator of the Youth Education Division in the TCNJ Bonner Institute. Her primary role is to support TCNJ Bonner Scholars with developmental training and enrichment opportunities, and mentor the students through their college careers. She also coordinates the Bonner Legacy Projects and supports upper class Bonner Scholars in completing a multi-year capacity building project that is shared with the TCNJ community at the annual Celebration of Student Achievement. Destiny received her Masters of Arts in Counseling from TCNJ and is a certified NJ School Counselor and Substance Abuse Counselor. She also completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at TCNJ.

You should reach out to Destiny…
-If you would like to learn more about Bonner Institute Youth Education initiatives
-If you would like to volunteer or support with k-12 initiatives
-If you would like to learn more about student transitions into higher education

Destiny is passionate about educational equality and ensuring student success inside and outside of the classroom. As a first generation college student, she is passionate about helping ESL and undocumented students transition to a new culture. Destiny believes in representation, and feels it is crucial that students see and are aware that their individual identities are represented.

Currently, Destiny is a member of the TCNJ Middle School Advisory Board, The Greater College Access Network (TCAN),TCNJ Women’s Professional Network, TCNJ Minority Executive Council and also is a member of the Staff Mental Health Council.

Destiny’s work with youth started at TCNJ during her graduate studies in counseling psychology when she began to work with the Trenton Public Schools. After graduation she briefly provided substance abuse counseling at a methadone clinic, and currently provides therapeutic services to individuals through her work with a Philadelphia based organization.

In her spare time Destiny enjoys watching and playing rugby, reading, cooking and finding new recipes, as well as spending time with family, and traveling the world.

Samuel Kanig, CCE Coordinator, Bonner Institute

Center for Community Engagement 

Forcina 328 – (609) 771-2108

Headshot of Samuel Kanig.

Samuel J. Kanig (he/his: hear how to pronounce my name) currently serves as Bonner Community Scholars Coordinator of the Adult Education and Self Sufficiency Division at TCNJ’s Center for Community Engagement. In his role as coordinator, Sam works directly with students and community partners to address and respond to the needs of the adult population in the local community. In addition, Sam is a facilitator for the First-Year CEL Program. Sam received a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies from Thomas Edison State University.

You should reach out to Sam if…
– You would like to learn more about the Bonner Institute and the Center for Community Engagement.
– You would like to learn more about opportunities to partner with the Bonner Institute.
– You would like to become a volunteer in the Adult Education and Self-Sufficiency Division of the Bonner Institute.

Sam remains passionate about the collaboration between the TCNJ community and the local community. He believes in sharing knowledge and resources to empower individuals and communities to address social and racial inequalities.

In 2018, Sam came to TCNJ as the first Community Fellow In-Residence where he was able to connect and build relationships between TCNJ’s faculty, staff and students, and the local Trenton community. Outside of TCNJ, Sam is a filmmaker/photographer and is involved in the arts and culture community of Trenton, NJ. He also was appointed by Governor Murphy to the New Jersey Puerto Rico Commission where he has an opportunity to continue working for his native home, Puerto Rico.

Amy LoPrinzi, Coordinator for Finance and Administrative Services

The Center for Community Engagement

Forcina 325 – (609) 771-2249

Amy LoPrinzi joined the Bonner Institute after more than 15 accomplished years in the Grants office at TCNJ.

Victor Deihl, Professional Services Specialist

Center for Community Engagement

Forcina 337 – (609) 771-2548

Headshot of Victor Deihl.

Victor Deihl (he/him: hear how to pronounce my name) currently serves as the Professional Services Specialist at the Center for Community Engagement. Victor supports the Center in a multi-faceted role, through office organization, scheduling, transportation logistics, as well as many other duties. Currently, Victor also serves on the TCNJ Campus Property Use Committee (CPUC). Victor graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History degree from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania in 1998 and a Masters of Library Science degree from Clarion University of Pennsylvania in 2013.

You should reach out to him if…

– You would like information about the Center
– You would like assistance to support your organization’s project, i.e. volunteers or transportation
– You need assistance with general campus space requests
Prior to joining as a staff member in February 2014, Victor spent the previous 26 years in store management with CVS Health, in addition to working as a Reference Librarian with the Mercer County Library system from 2014 – 2015.
Victor developed a strong passion for delivering extraordinary customer service from his time working with CVS Health and the local library system. His goal is to ensure that students, parents, faculty, staff, and community members all receive the highest level of engagement when reaching out to the CCE office.
Outside the office, Victor enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring new cities, trying new restaurants (as well as going back to old favorites), finding great bargains at local Thrift Stores, reading biographies, binging cooking shows, and is an avid football fan (Go Seahawks!).

Lori Johansson, Research and Operations Coordinator

Center for Community Engagement 

Forcina 322 – (609) 771-2449

Headshot of Lori Johansson.Lori Johansson (she/they: hear how to pronounce my name) currently serves as the Research and Operations Coordinator at the Center for Community Engagement. Lori’s primary role in the Center is to organize strategic planning, coordinate the Center’s operations, track progress on projects, create reports and external communications, and maintain the Center’s website.

You should reach out to me if…
– You would like to be involved with the Capital City Youth Violence Coalition
– You would like to learn more about the Center for Community Engagement’s work
– You would like to connect with the Center for Community Engagement

Lori is passionate about accessible education and social justice. As a Trenton resident, they care about the experiences of both TCNJ students and community partners by providing a robust education while being reciprocal to the community through civic engagement.

Lori is involved in the Capital City Youth Violence Coalition, Capital City Community Coalition, Mercer County Workforce Development Board, TCNJ Votes initiative, CEL Council, and the Women’s Professional Network. They also participate in projects with Artworks Trenton, I Am Trenton Community Foundation, Trenton Complete Streets, The Tre’ Devon Lane Foundation, and the organizers of the Trenton Juneteenth celebration, including The Center for Child and Family Achievement, The African American Cultural Collaborative of Mercer County, the NJ Legislative District 15, and Outdoor Equity Alliance.

Lori has a background in art education, teaching workshops and camps through Artworks Trenton, the Boys & Girls Club, and the Arts Council of Princeton, as well as participating in public beautification projects and art events. Working as a consultant for I Am Trenton Community Foundation and founding the Greenwood Ave. Farmers Market has provided them the opportunity to civically participate directly with their neighbors in the Trenton community and create long lasting relationships with community partners.

Lori enjoys being involved in the cycling community through the Trenton Cycling Revolution, gardening, and playing music in their free time.


Center for Community Engagement
Forcina Hall, Room 337
The College of New Jersey
P.O. Box 7718
2000 Pennington Rd.
Ewing, NJ 08628